A Time Machine Discovered!

I’m pretty big on audiobooks and podcasts. Because I am on the road very often, I rather spend my time listening to something that is educational so I am continuously learning something new, instead of listening to music which adds very little value to my life.

Recently I discovered this trick that allows me to increase the amount of content I can consume in audio / video format in the same amount of time:


If you use Audible or Podcasts, there is a button on the iPhone app that allows you to play the audio clip at a faster (or slower) speed. So here’s the thinking: if I’m able to listen to an 8-hour audiobook in 6 hours at 1.5x speed, or 4 hours at 2x speed, that’s cutting the time by 75% or 50%! It’s just like discovering a freaking time machine!

You can increase the playing speed of the video by clicking on the settings button in the video player.

This works for Youtube videos as well, there’s the feature to play a video at faster than normal speed (Simply click on the settings button in the video to adjust the speed).

Not only does this save me time, it also increases my comprehension skill, which helps me think faster to react faster! Getting so used to thinking faster will definitely give me an unfair advantage in the normal speed world 🙂


How will this tip help you increase your content consumption? Comment below!

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