The Opposite of Obsession is Distraction

After reading Grant Cardone’s book, 10X Rule, I quickly became obsessed with his methods and truths. It’s pretty simple: if you never give up, you will never fail. And when you know which direction you are heading, and you know your destination, don’t stop until you get there. It’s that simple – but it’s not easy.

Of course, it’s even harder if you don’t know where you’re going in the first place. If you know for a fact there is a lot of gold buried somewhere underneath the dirt in your backyard, would you ever give up digging?

That’s the same with our goals and our perception of success. Some are not completely convinced that they will get there, or question whether achieving the goal will give them the satisfaction they wanted, or uncertain of the destination, so they fall short and give up. It’s not easy staying focused, day after day after day after day, going at it, digging away to try and find your gold. It’s easy to lose motivation and purpose, get lost and distracted.

Being obsessed is one way to stay on track. Being obsessed help you stay focused on the road ahead because all you think about IS the destination. When you know where you need to go, have the burning desire to get to your destination no matter what happens, you’ll quickly realize everything else is just a distraction. Find something to be obsessed about, and go all in.

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